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Smart Pressure Monitoring

Smart Pressure Monitoring(SPM)
Pressure monitoring of pipe line be it Liquid or Gas is very important as pressure drops are critical for the operation of the network.


Digi PowerUPS
State of the art Unintrupted Power Supply ( UPS ) Systems that are fully microprocessor based with digital display showing UPS parameters like main voltage, battery voltage, output voltage, load current etc.

Fuel Level Monitoring

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The fuel level monitoring system is widely used at petrol station, mobile fueling site(portable fueling device) and oil depot, this tank level monitoring system also can be used at chemical factory, pharmacy industry and waste water tanks; Suitable for underground and above ground storage tanks.

GSM Online Temperature Unit (TempWatch)

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Cold storages are meant to store goods that are to be kept in a very regulated environment .Such good can be food item like ICE Cream/ Meat/Fruits etc it can be items like medicines special chemicals

Energy Monitoring Solution(EMS)

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EMS provide number of different parameter for instance each phase has different Voltage, Current, Power Factor as well as it measures temperature of transformer, battery voltages, active and reactive power.

Sub Station Monitoring Solution

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Digitech empower the users to control transformer reliably and efficiently,Real time Status shows on Web and desktop application. Although, desktop application interface allow user to control the input and output device such as tranformer, breakers etc.

Voltage Stablizers

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Savior Voltage Stabilizer is a latest and most advance voltage Stabilizer , with unmatched features and performance. Microprocessor inside the savior ensure that your system receive the correct voltage at all time.

Digi Mini PDA

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Digi-PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) is especially designed for industrial applications that may vary from one need to another. It’s built on the Modulus platform, so it’s easily extended using a wide range of hardware modules.

CNG Digital Switch

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The CDS-11 is a direct plug-in replacement for the Italian CNG switch .It comes with a one-year replacement warranty and provide the user with the following advantages that are not currently provided by any switch in the market.