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Nurse Calling System

Nurse Calling System is product of Digitec Systems, it has various modes for use and it can be used for patient’s bed and washroom in panic situation

Smart Pressure Monitoring User Manual

Ever since it inception Digitec has worked for provide low cost innovation to meet the customer requirements. With the same Sprit We have developed the SPM Solution for SSGC so that it can monitor the operations of the Pipe Network.

Smart Gas Meter User Manual

The SVC System will be installed inside the V3 meter as a replacement to the mechanical counter unit. The SVC kit is designed in a way that it will fit into the existing V3 meter without any modification in it.

GSM Security Alarm Panel

GSA-1000 Is a GSM Alarm system for use in Home Alarm System application. The System being GSM based is immune from any tampering . It has the following broad features.

GPS Vehical Tracking

VDL-100 is a latest innovation in the field of GPS technology. It is the state of art GPS Vehicle Tracking System with Vehicle Data Logging Facilities.

RF ID Bike Security System

It is a simple yet powerful security systems that secure your Bike from unauthorized access.

GSM Converter(GC-800)

By using any existing cellular infrastructure, Tellular Phone cell Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT) provide transparent connectivity, fulfilling the delivery and quality requirements for voice and data regardless of location.

Line Interactive UPS

Digipower series of digital microprocessor Controlled UPS are designed to give you maximum information so that you are aware of its performance at all time Digital Display of all UPS parameters like main voltage, Battery Voltage, output S Y S T E M S voltage and load current. Fast switching for reliable operation.