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CNG Digital Switch (CDS-11)

CNG Digital Switch (CDS-11): The CDS-11 is a direct plug-in replacement for the Italian CNG switch .It comes with a one-year replacement warranty and provide the user with the following advantages that are not currently provided by any switch in the market.
  • Two Digit numerical display that shows the CNG Gas pressure in the Tank.
  • The display shows a Maximum level of 99. Normal value on Tank full is less then 80.
  • The Driver knows exactly how far he can go with the digital Display.
  • No need to rush to the filling station on seeing the last Green LED.
  • The RED (CNG Low) LED Switches ON when the level is less then 20.
  • The Driver Knows which CNG Station has the maximum pressure level.

  • Usage:
    The CDS-11 has two Digital display and three LEDs and one Change over switch.
    Digital Display : This would show the CNG pressure when the car is running on CNG. It is Off when car is on Petrol.
    Orange LED: This would be ON when the car is running on Petrol
    Green LED: This is ON when the Car is running on CNG and the engine is running. It  would switch off when the Engine is off cutting the GAS supply to the Engine.
    Red LED: This would light up when the CNG level is below 20.
    Converting from Petrol to Gas
    Press the switch Once. The petrol Led would switch off. Run the engine till the petrol is finish in the carburetor. Press the switch again and the CNG Green Led and the Digital Display would light up. Converting from Gas to Petrol:
    Press the switch once. The Green CNG LED would go Off and the petrol Orange LED would be On. The display would also switch Off.