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Keyed Chucks Description
DigiPower-600 is  a completely digital UPS of 600VA rating.
The UPS has a lot of unique features that are not available in any of the local UPS   in the market.
  • Input Voltage (160-265) Vac
  • Input Connection (German Plug)
  • Input Protection (Fuse/Surge Suppressor
  • Output Voltage (with built-in optional Stablizer) (208V-232V)
  • Output Connection (IEC $ Universal Socket)
  • Backup Voltage (225V-245V)PWM
  • Waveform (Modified Sine Wave)
  • Transfer Time (2-5 msec)
  • Out Power (600 VA)
  • Battery (45AH-205AH) 12V
  • Interface (RS 232)Shutdown
  • Display (InputVoltage,OutputVoltage,BatteryVoltage,OutCurrent)
  • Protection (Electronic Fast Overload,Delay Overload,BatteryLow)
  • Load (2PC with 15 monitor)