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WIRELESS ALARM SYSTEM:It is a Cost effective and reliable system to fight crime. The unit gives satisfaction and mental peace to its users.
The unit consist of two parts one is a RF (Radio Frequency) transmitter and the other is an Alarm Receiving Unit. The Alarm unit  has four different keys offering  different functions.
Each Alarm system has the capacity to server 100 user each with a  Unique Code (ID). Each user can have two remote programmed .  When a  remote is activated the receiver unit would display the  User ID  and Alarm would be activated. Multiple receivers can be programmed to receive signal from same remote and also multiple remote and receiver client can function in the same premises without interference between themselves.
This unit can be used in numerous applications as listed below:
  • Apartments for Guard Security and access
  • Shops for a security among themselves
  • Hospitals for Emergency Care of needy patients
  • Banks for Alarm activation and silent alarms to guards, The ID would tell guard the source of Alarm.
  • For Quiz Competition and class room .The first ID that presses the remote gets registered.
  • Monitoring of guard at check post. Each guard required to press the remote once every hour.

  • The RF remote has  four keys each having a different meaning
    When Panic button is pressed The receive would activate the Siren  and display the User ID on the screen along with  ‘P’ .The siren would only be disabled by pressing Clear button on the unit.
    The Fire button would activate siren and display ‘F’ along with user ID on the screen . The Siren would disable by clear button.
    Call the guard  this would display the ‘C’ and user ID  on the unit
    And  siren would sound for two second and switch off .
    Test the signal level ,this would display ‘t’ and the user ID .The siren would sound for two sec and then switch off. User Manual: In normal condition the receiver would display the last received command  like  ‘P  45’ Panic from user 45 . Each  RF remote have to be programmed against the user for which it is intended .One remote can be assigned to only one user. Programming the remote:
                To enter programming mode the program button inside the box has to be pressed this would display  information  like e.g.   23.1  The first two digit (23)  are the user ID and the last  is the free remote location  . Now if a remote is pressed the unique ID of the remote is stored with the user 23 and the display would show  23.2 one more remote can be  programmed in the similar manner.
                Each user ID  can be programmed  with two remotes however there is a possibility that the remote is lost so to cater for such cases third remote can be programmed when the display show 23.3 however the third remote would disable  the first that was programmed at location 23.1 and similarly the fourth can be programmed to  disable remote 23.2.
                The Clear button in programming mode serve as UP key and the program button as down key . The user ID can be changed by pressing these keys and once the correct ID is reached the remote is pressed to program with that ID.
                If the UP or Down button is pressed  continuously  then the user ID would  change in multiple of tens.