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E-Guard : is a GSM Security Device. It is a cost effective and reliable device meant for shops/office home etc .Once Installed the device gives the user peace of mind as he knows that E-Guard will inform him if his premises is being opened by someone . The Device has the following features
  • SOS Alert.
  • Device programmable as Normally Close (NC)/Normally Open (NO). Normally Close with End of Line (NCEL), Normally Open With End of Line (NOEL).
  • One Hotter Output and Two Miscellaneous Outputs.
  • Panic Door Open alarm.
  • Device  ByPass and Delay timers programmable.
  • Messaging to upto Three Different numbers.
  • All features programmable.
  • Able to stored ARM/Disarmed state even after switch off
  • 24 Hour Arm Active.
  • Optional Features.