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The ELECTRONICS LEARNER’S COMPUTER (ELC): Laboratory Manual has been designed to carryout the basic experiements of Analog and Digital circuits. The students and professionals can get benefit of this product interested in learning or developing solutions. This manual has been tailored specifically keeping in view the students of Engineering to getthem geared up, for rigorous on real time system.
Why Hands-On Experience
Is Necessary ?
Today a number of software tools are available to facilitate the designing and simulation of electronic circuits. The normal trend has become now to make the circuits on PCs using those tools and simulate them to qualify their functioning. To name some of such tools are Pspice, Design Centre, Electronic Work Bench etc. these tools are certainly helpful to rapidly build and qualify the circuits, but there are number of problems which may occur in real work, but remain
hidden while working with such software tools. It is necessary to get actual hands-on experience to know about the real life problems.
Even an imperfect soldering or bad component mounting can cause severe problems in the circuits.
ELC is a hardware tool to facilitate the users to build and test the actual circuits.
1. Breadboard: AD-222
Interconnected with 2712 tie points nickel plated contact fitted all DIP sizes. It can be changed an replaced for different purpose and can be connected with demonstration panel. Due to this is convenient for both teachers and students.
2. DC Power Supply:
(a) Fixed DC Output: +5V, 2A
(b) Fixed DC Output: -5V, 500mA
(c) Variable DC Output: 0V to +15V, 500mA
(d) Variable DC Output: 0V to -15V, 500mA
3. Potentiometers:
(a) Variable Resistor VR1=1K(B)
(b) Variable Resistor VR2=100K(B)
4. Function Generator
(a) Frequency Range:
1Hz -- 10Hz
10Hz -- 100Hz
100Hz -- 1KHz
1KHz -- 10KHz
10KHz -- 100KHz
(b) Amplitude:
Sine wave /Triangular /Square Wave
+- 8V output Peak to Peak variable
TTL mode output: 0 - +5V
5. Eight Bit Data Switches
8pcs toggle switches.
6. Speakers
21/2 inch diameter. 8 ohm/0.25W
7. Four Channel Adaptor
Two banana sockets and two BNC jack points,
provided to connect peripherals.
8. Two Digits of Segment LED Display.
9. Two Pulse Switches
2pcs push-buttons contain switch de-bouncer for
eliminating the bouncing effect.
10. DC Volt Meter
.2V to 20V . Slectable by Rotary Switches.
3 1/2 7 Segment LED Display.
11. Dimensions
325x250x95mm (LxWxH)
12. Weight
4.3 Kg.