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RF-ID Car Security System

RF-ID Car Security System
It is a simple yet powerful security systems that secure your Car from unauthorized access, the systems Employs the Latest emerging technology of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), which recognizes the authorized person via an RFID card which has a unique number embedded inside.
WORKING The working of the system is very simple; as you start your Car you have to show your card within 30 sec, failing which the system will beep 5 times as a warning and if the card is still not shown it will lock the Car. The Car can be unlocked by showing the card anytime.
WIRING The wiring is very simple there is only a set of four wires and a coil coming out from the device. The coil has to be placed such that it can be easily accessible, while the four wires are as follows.
  • Red = 12v (Vcc)
  • Black = (Gnd)
  • Brown = Relay contacts (CDI in)
  • Blue = Relay contacts (CDI out)